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Empire Earth Community

Rediscover Empire Earth with your friends on a good old LAN, or online using the community lobby!

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What are we doing?

We keep Empire Earth alive, we create content, share experiences, play together and improve the game support!

You can also do the same, join the community discord and contribute to the game. Make suggestions, share your experience, combine your passion with the game, we all have something to do.

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We use C++, Python, Java, C# and other magical languages to create new content!


Textures & 3D

What could be more beautiful than creating our own models and textures ?

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Running Empire Earth using DirectX 7 for Windows 98 on a modern system (DirectX 9-12) is possible and easy!


New Setup

We have created a new installation setup for Empire Earth to easily install the game with compatibility patches on modern systems.


Open Source

We are a small community and we have everything to benefit by sharing!


Musics & Sounds

New sound effects and high quality music, who would have thought of such a thing?



We have collected all the languages of the game distributed, allowing you to play in 11 different languages!

server usb


All Empire Earth data is carefully saved on a storage server and has been mirrored. Allowing the constant functioning of our creations that depend on it.


I am a developer

We are waiting for you! We need more developers than ever to advance the projects of the community!
Changing the behaviour of the game, improving its compatibility, developing new tools, there are so many things to do.

I am a translator

Are you a translator or do you feel capable of being one? Then don’t hesitate to translate the game into new languages!
It is possible to simply translate the text of the game but also to re-double the voices.

Sherman - Flamethrower

I am a content creator

You want to create textures, 3D models? New generation scripts or compose new music and sound effects or anything else ?
Well, we have all the necessary tools to let you shine!


Don’t be afraid to ask your questions on Discord, but here are some answers that can save everyone’s time.

It often happens that there are compatibility issues or problems when trying to play or hosting a game. Don’t be surprised if this happens to you, we can help you on Discord.

What is EE Reborn ?

Empire Earth: Reborn is a multi-stage project that aims to build a complete modpack. The Discord of the project is the biggest in the Empire Earth community and many creators are on it, no matter who you are or what you want to do you are welcome.

Who is a member of the community?

Anyone with an interest in Empire Earth is a member of the community, there are no requirements.

Does Empire Earth work on recent versions of Windows?

Yes, the original game is unlikely to work, however you can use the Empire Earth community install setup which includes compatibility patches (It is sometimes necessary to try several compatibility options in the setup and reinstall, it is a matter of time)

I didn't buy Empire Earth, can I use the community setup to install it?

If you do not have the Empire Earth and The Art of Conquest CD (or Gold Edition) or have not purchased the game digitally : You are not allowed to use the community setup! You can buy the game on GOG and then install the game with the community setup.

How can I create content for Empire Earth?

Whatever you want to create, explanations here would probably be too long-winded and inappropriate. Ask your questions on the Discord, we will be happy to help you!

What is ARM ? Empire Earth will not work in the future?

ARM is a processor architecture and will probably replace the old one (Intel). Empire Earth was developed to run on Intel architecture. Don’t panic, we tested, Windows 10 and 11 ARM manage to translate the Intel architecture to ARM and make the game work !

How to play online?

This is a very broad topic, here is an article that will help you understand how to host a game on your computer and make it accessible locally, on the internet with your friends or even publicly.