Cheat Codes

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About Cheat Codes

Cheat codes are integrated into Empire Earth and Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest, with no need for external add-ons.
However, they can only be used in single-player games, and only if the cheat settings have been selected when the game is created.

But there is a way to use cheat codes for Campaigns, simply follow this video.

all your base are belong to us
my name is methos
boston food sucks
you said wood
the quotable patella
coffee train
display cheats
I have the power
asus drivers
boston rent
the big dig
mine your own business
uh, smoke?
Friendly skies
bam # (2-14 for EE or 2-15 for AoC)
somebody set up us the bomb
100,000 of all resources
Full map, instant unit formation and all resources
1000 more food
1000 more gold
1000 more iron
1000 more rock
1000 more wood
Allows units to go up to level 10
Allows you to see the fish
Completes buildings being constructed and heals all units
Display all codes (Note: don't seems to work)
Everything will build almost instantly
Full energy for all units with speical attacks
Full map
Lose game
No gold
No resources
No rock
No wood
Refill your planes
Remove objects from map
Set Age to desired number e.g. bam 14 for nano age (Note: you cannot go below your current age)
takes away all food
takes away all iron
Win game
View fish and animals