Talk about the game! Get your friends, your children, your parents to play, the future of the game depends on you.
We need to keep this beautiful RTS that has touched so many people alive.

Download Empire Earth

This is the Empire Earth community setup (which also includes The Art of Conquest expansion).
There are 2 variants of the game so be careful which one you choose (note that you can also install both).

(DO NOT SHARE the setup, share this page instead)
By downloading you accept to have Empire Earth and The Art of Conquest extension CD in your possession or to have PURCHASED both games (or Gold Edition) digitally (you can buy it here).

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Empire Earth: Original

This is the original version of the game, it contains some compatibility patches and additional content, but does not alter the original gameplay.
This version is compatible with the CD versions of Empire Earth and The Art of Conquest (as long as they are up-to-date) and also with GOG.
If you want to play with strangers you may prefer installing NeoEE instead (if you need both Original and NeoEE, you can install both).

Please note that if you install a mod and want to play with players online, they must also have them installed in some cases. The version of the game in the main menu should match for everyone or you will have an error.

neoee logo

Empire Earth: NeoEE

This version includes a multiplayer lobby that allows you to play with other players, as it was possible to do before on the WON lobby of Sierra On-Line.
It also contains the same compatibility patches and additional content of the Original version but also offer glitch fix and additional game type that don’t change the original gameplay.

Beware, NeoEE isn’t compatible online with the Original version which means that you can only play online with players who also have NeoEE (or in Solo).
This installation is also compatible with the old official NeoEE setup (

SHA1: 55832c6ee1fec4e20104bacc50033a95b88b6c1d

SHA1: 8b165766a42b429b81dedb1331b32c6e64c087ac

help medical

Need help to install ?

Not sure about something during install ? Need help to install the game ?
You can read the small install help article here or ask for help on Empire Earth Reborn Discord.

empire earth 2 logo

Looking for Empire Earth 2 ?

This is the download page and the website of the Empire Earth 1 community (the best of the serie of course) !
For Empire Earth 2 related projects and download check out the EE2 community website and the EE2 Unofficial Patch.

neoee plus original logo

NeoEE + Original

The NeoEE and EE Original setup will each perform their own installation of the game, so you can install both NeoEE and Empire Earth without worry! And switch according to your needs when you want to play with certain players, because keep in mind that they are not compatible online.


Open Source Setup Script

You can find on Github the source code of the Inno Setup 6 (6.2) and 5 (Legacy, 5.4.3 ANSI) script. You can propose ideas or add features to suit your needs. But this one will also have to be licensed under GNU General Public License v3.
If you want to distribute a mod you rather use the .eem of the Launcher and not build an entire setup for it.

System Requirements

Community Setup

      • Windows 7SP1 to 11
      • 600 MB of hard disk space (1 GB during installation)
      • Monitor supporting >= 1024 x 768 resolution
      • Internet to update game language during installation
      • DirectX 9-12 compatible GPU
      • x86/x64 CPU (+ ARM64 from Windows 11)

Legacy Community Setup (not provided anymore)

      • Windows 98 to 11
      • Pentium® II – 350 MHz or higher processor
      • 64 MB of RAM
      • 600 MB of hard disk space (1 Go during installation) ; additional 100 MB of hard drive space for swap file
      • Super VGA monitor supporting 1024 x 768 resolution
      • AGP (4 MB) or PCI (8 MB) 3D video card that supports 1024 x 768, 16 bit color resolution
      • Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device
      • 28.8 Kbps modem (or higher recommended) for Internet or head-to-head play
      • DirectX compatible sound card with speakers or headphones recommended
      • DirectX 7-12 compatible GPU