Install Empire Earth

Step 0

If you have already installed Empire Earth with another installer than the Community Setup, it is strongly recommended to remove it in order to perform the cleanest possible installation.
To do this go to your Windows settings, applications and uninstall if installed NeoEE, the extension updates and then The Art of Conquest it self,  and finally Empire Earth updates and the game itself.

old sierra filler siege

Step 1

Go to the Community Setup download page and download the version of the game you want from the page. You have the choice between two versions, chose wisely but you can also install both if you want.

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Step 2

empire earth setup languages

This is normally not necessary, but it is better to disable your anti-virus to prevent an operation failing during the installation.

Now that you have the setup downloaded, go to your download folder and then execute the setup !

Here you are! Welcome to the Empire Earth installation program!
The first question you have to ask yourself is: “Should other computer users be able to access the game”?
If the answer is yes, you have to install the game for everyone, and in the other case you can use for you only, but it is strongly recommended to install as administrator in general.
Prefer to use the “only for you” mode if you don’t have access to administrator rights.

Step 3

empire earth setup languages

This is where you decide on the language of the game and the installation program.
If you use another language than English, the installer will try to download the voices and campaigns of the selected language.
This can lead to a download of up to about 300 MB, so be careful if you are using a mobile connection.

Choosing another language than English can have side effects such as the impossibility to launch the campaigns if they do not exist in the desired language or cause character display problems if Windows is not able to display them.

Step 4

empire earth setup languages

An important choice is made here, you have the choice between the simplified installation mode of Empire Earth and optionally The Art of Conquest expansion or the custom installation mode.
The simplified installation should give you everything you needs.

However, if you are a bit of a tinkerer, the custom install allows you to make many more settings and changes, so don’t hesitate to check it out if you know your way around Empire Earth.

Step 5

empire earth setup languages

When doing a simplified installation you should choose between these 4 options.
Choose your GPU from the following list of GPU brands.
If you don’t know, open the task manager of your computer and go to the second tab (called “Performance”) and click on the last “GPU” tab, you should see the name of the GPU in the top left corner.

Note: This setting is very variable depending on the computer, some AMD computers may work better with Intel HD Graphics configuration etc… So if you encounter any performance or compatibility problems don’t hesitate to test them all (and then go to the help page for more help if needed).

Written with the hope that you can play and have fun alone or with friends.