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End of Support for
GameRanger and RC Patch

GameRanger uses an outdated version of Empire Earth and a less worked connection system and has less content.
Unfortunately it has not been updated for years and can be considered as abandoned today.
It is highly recommended to use NeoEE for online play to unite the online community.


Why use NeoEE instead of GameRanger?

GameRanger is still working right, so why use NeoEE ?

Largest community

Because of these features and simplicity NeoEE is the most used multiplayer server of Empire Earth. Making this server the one used by all Empire Earth players is a major stake for the future of the community.

More open game hosting

GameRanger is not integrated with Empire Earth which makes its lobby less accommodating. And GameRanger requires port forwarding, while NeoEE relies in part on technology that allows you to play directly.

Unaltered experience

NeoEE does not change the original game experience. Additional content to diversify the game mode is present but the gameplay has not been touched to preserve the best possible experience.

Better Compatibility

NeoEE uses the Community Setup, it offers a much better compatibility for the game on all modern Windows systems. This is achieved through bug fixes and the use of compatibility flags and DirectX Wrapper tools.

Ranking System

NeoEE has a ranking system that allows you to challenge other players in competitive games! Play, persevere and try to be on the podium! This system will also allow you to play with other players of your level.

Mod Compatible

GameRanger does not use an up-to-date version of Empire Earth which makes it incompatible with the vast majority of mods for the game, such as menu resolution, camera, HUD, ranking system etc… NeoEE support all that !

No community censorship

For some reason GameRanger has implemented a censorship against the community.
Indeed, saying NeoEE on GameRanger is impossible, the word has been banned, this sums up the mentality of the people behind GameRanger.
On our side, don’t worry, not only is the word GameRanger not censored, but we will help you set it up on Discord if needed, although as you can see from the comparison above…
GameRanger is completely behind the times and instead of trying to make the community evolve they decided to censor it.