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Hosting a game

Local Multiplayer (LAN) Guide

Also required for Online Multiplayer

Step 1

The first thing to do, whether you want to host a game or join one, is to make sure you are using the right network adapter in Empire Earth.

To get your ip you can execute:

gip| findstr /C:IPv4Address

Or if you get an error :

ipconfig| findstr /C:IPv4

(If you still can get it you can try to follow those steps)

This should give you an address that you need to select in the lobby, but in some cases you also have to select it in the Empire Earth settings in the Interface tab.

In some cases, the clients (other players that are not hosting the game) may need to select any network card.

empire earth lobby network adapter dialog

Step 2

empire earth firewall windows popup

If you have used the Community Setup, check in your firewall that you can find entries ‘EE/NeoEE – TCP/UDP – In/Out’). If you find them you can skip this step you already have the game allowed in the firewall.
In case you don’t have it, you have to allow the game in the Windows firewall yourself. Go to Windows firewall settings, remove all network rules ’empireearth.exe’ (and if you play AoC ‘ee-aoc.exe’) and create rules to allow all network traffic in and out or simply try to host a game again and you should get the Windows firewall alert pop-up, allowing you to simply create the rules.

Normally you are now able to host a game on your local network. In the next part we will see how to play online.

Online Multiplayer (NeoEE & Direct Connect) Guide

Work in progress..