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Mobile Support

No. It won’t work.

We’d love to tell you it’s possible, but let’s face it:
The game needs to be completely redeveloped with mobile support in mind.

Wrong Architecture

The architecture of your phone differs significantly from one of a traditional computer, resulting in slower execution due to the need for instruction emulation of an x86 processor.

Unsuitable Interface

The game’s interface is designed for computer mouse use, making touch screens unsuitable. No mod can correct this limitation without completely redeveloping and rethinking the game’s ergonomics.

Environment & 3D

Emulating Windows or Linux on smartphones lacks the necessary performance and high-performance 3D drivers, limiting its viability even for futuristic devices.

So unfortunately no APK or IPA file. If you like DIY, it’s possible that in the future, game execution will be slightly possible on high-end phones, but don’t fool yourself, it won’t be playable, but tinkering can be fun.