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Download dreXmod 3.5

dreXmod is a patch for Empire Earth and The Art of Conquest.
It allow you to add new features such as an editable camera, an in-game HUD, a ranking system, new useful multiplayer commands and much more.

dreXmod 3 is now availaible!
Download the last Community Setup on the download page to get it!

drexmod 3 lobby with dxm theme


Equip yourself with dreXmod, it is almost indispensable for a good online experience!
The Community Setup include by default dreXmod 2 and 3. You can select the version you want to install in the install settings.

dreXmod 3.x features

Custom Camera

A fully editable camera allowing you a much more comfortable viewing angle than the original one! You can finally see more than 3 buildings.

Better Lobby

With dreXmod, you will have access to additional controls in the multiplayer lobby to quickly start a game. You will also be able to host scenarios


A HUD will be present during the game to give you essential information on the progress of other players without revealing their strategy.

Rank System

Here it is, the long awaited online ranked mode for Empire Earth. You will gain or lose points according to the victories or defeats you will make during your online games.

Cheat Detector

Empire Earth is an old game, despite its protection against cheating it can happen that some experienced midgeters manage to cheat. Well now it’s over, they will be detected and banned if reported.

Mod System

A system allowing to use several different presets of “Mod” data is included in dreXmod and allows to quickly modify the game.

Better Resolution

Empire Earth handles the resolution of the game very badly, it constantly changes it and some screens are not even editable. With this feature, all screens will be at the right resolution!

Online Experience

Auto-save when a player crashes, quick civilization selection, bug fixes, and other features to simplify the online experience.

Manual Install

If you don’t want to use the community setup to install dreXmod, you can do it manually.

Make sure the game is not running and open the downloaded archive. Drag the files to the game folder and start the game. If you see dreXmod in the top left corner of the home menu then congratulations you have succeeded.